False Prophets

Moving On Up a Little Higher

Any teacher or prophet who does not genuinely wish, encourage and enable students or adherents to ultimately learn and discover beyond what he has to impart is really no teacher or prophet at all.

False teachers and prophets use the learning process as a means to control or enslave rather than to empower or free.

No matter how eloquent or compelling a teacher or prophet may appear to be, whether he is leading one to heaven, purgatory, perdition or ignorance can be predicted by applying this simple standard.

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About highthetaorg

I am a truth seeker. I am also a person who operates on the data that the only purpose of life as human being is to maximize one's own full potential. I have also learned that the truth is not always given to a person on a silver platter. The real truth on this planet is often hidden and protected by many layers of lies and deception to protect it from fools, swine and prostitutes. I have found some of the best truths hidden in places where angels fear to thread. So this earthly experience is likely not for the feeble minded and faint hearted. I love reading as many different religions, spiritual teachings and philosophies as I have time for. My favorites are the bible, the Oahspe, Scientology and the Urantia. There are many more lessor ones, but these give me a very good large viewpoint to view life and the world from.
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